dimanche 30 septembre 2012

Networked A/V setup on the cheap with UPnP

As some insiders might already know,I recently acquired a flat. After 1+ month of heavy renovation, now comes the geek-entertaining time of setting up a sound and video system.
edit: the flat is now on the market again.

Having a very few physical media supports, the setup favors digital content and provide it to any interested playing or controling device. 
UPnP AV/DLNA became quickly obvious with its isolated media provider, controller and renderer concepts.
Unwilling to overpay a dedicated bundle and favoring standards and openess, I went on building my own small wireless flexible A/V system. Might be worth sharing.

The main content is made available by a UPnP server driven by Rygel and Tracker on a spare old laptop (200€). Tracker indexes medias from file system later served by Rygel UPnP server.
The setup was a breeze on Fedora 16 with the minor annoyance of DBus requiring a X session. I guess this coupling will soon be broken in our waylandy days. Hopefully.
Furthermore, each other devices exports its local media content "on the wire".

Music is mainly played on a pair of Raumfeld Speaker M (600€). Those babies access and renders music from UPnP servers through Wifi. 
Take my world as a non-audiophile, but they sound very good at all volumes exposing a clear separation of trebbles, mediums and bass. Dont be fooled by the cryptic documentation, the dedicated Controller is not required to integrate nicely within a standard UPnP network. A small web interface is provided to set them up as standalone.

A Panasonic plasma tv P42GT30 (620€) will take care of sending photons from UPnP content. It is quite on the cheap currently and got a slimmer design while keeping the plasma picture quality.

Free UPnP control point apps were installed on Maemo, Android, webOS, linux, and osx devices. They act as fine-grained remote controllers to distribute content to renderers (speaker or screen).

A cheap WiFi router ties everything together with an auto-magical discovery.

A Spotify/UPnP bridge would be greatly welcome but I couldn't find any up-to-date working solution. Independify seems un-maintained ans segfaults with current deps.

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