jeudi 19 août 2010

Announcing the SeedKit library and SeedKit Viewer 0.1 release.

The SeedKit project is happy to announce the simultaneous releases of both the SeedKit library and viewer.
It is the first ever release of the SeedKit project.
SeedKit view's consumers, documentation writer, hybrid applications developers and contributors are welcome to test/modify/contribute. Any help gladly appreciated !

  • This is unstable development release. While it has had a bit of testing, there are certainly plenty of bugs remaining to be found. This release should not be used in production.
  • No API compatibility guarantee is provided. The interfaces are susceptible to change until the 1.0 release.
  • to pre-release testers : the project was split recently and changed its license terms, please update your copy of the original repository and clone the viewer one (see bellow).
What does it ?

With SeedKit, a developer can choose to define the user interface of a native application in pure web standard technologies (HTML/CSS/Javascript).
Alternatively a developer of an existing GTK+ application can embed a SeedKit view within the current interface.

What is it ?

The SeedKit project currently consists of two modules:
  • SeedKit library: HTML view Gtk+ widget with access to lower-level libraries and systems within its Javascript environment. It is build around the Gtk+ port of WebKit and Seed [1]. Licensed under the LGPL 3+ terms.
  • SeedKit viewer: a simple command-line viewer/launcher for applications whose views are defined in pure web standard technologies, while accessing lower-level libraries and systems (hybrid applications). Licensed under the GPL 3+ terms.

Examples of hybrid applications are provided in the examples/ directory of the seedkit-viewer package.


SeedKit release packages are currently hosted on a personal public dropbox folder until a proper solution is found.
SeedKit library 0.1:
SeedKit viewer 0.1:

To follow the SeedKit development, you should clone the following repositories on Gitorious:

Building and installing

The SeedKit library compilation depends on the presence of :
* gtk-3.0 >= 2.90
* webkit-3.0 >= 1.3.3
* seed >= 2.31.5

The viewer only depends on the SeedKit library's presence.
Both can be compiled and install using the classic "./configure && make && sudo make install" sequence.


Concidering its low maturity, expect to experience bugs and misbehavior. Please report any issue, expectation or remark to the SeedKit mailing-list at until a proper bug-tracker is be set or used (hello sysadmin team ;)
Of course, drop a mail on the list if you want to participate in the SeedKit development too.

Happy coding !