vendredi 29 juillet 2011

JDK7: Where's my method ?

Yup, it is finally here. Long live to JDK7!
Well hopefully no that long, some people died of age waiting for this version.

Even if my work at Igalia do not usually involve Java coding, I keep an eye on the platform and enjoy some Scala coding sessions. Abstracted from all the complexity of managing object orientation and memory by-hand, helped by amazing tooling and funded by big shots, the community there pushes the envelop in the architecture,methodologies and good practices fields. Always interesting to learn from.

While bringing some improvements to the Java language and APIs, IMHO, the InvokeDynamic framework is the most important addition.
Type inference for generics, handled resources, interesting new/updated APIs (join/fork, NIO2, FileSystem) are great but making dynamic languages at home on the JVM is an amazing achievement.

Basically, InvokeDynamic let the JVM know and cache implementors decisions regading dynamic method call resolution/transformation at first call. Subsequent calls are then treated directly by HotSpot as any other invocation, applying its dark magic to optimize the hell out of it. And Hotspot is a good wizard.

Lets see how JRuby, Groovy and Jython will take advantage of it. JS might prove a greater challenge with its fully dynamic prototype typing, but work is on the way.

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