vendredi 8 avril 2011

Push your Eclipse Mylyn activity to PHPReport... automatically.

Following my awesome colleagues announcements, here is my smaller contribution to make life of lazies a bit better.

In my day-to-day routine I heavily rely on the Eclipse Mylyn tools to schedule my development activity, communicate with my fellow developers via Bugzilla and focus on the task at hand. (I'll explain soon how Eclipse is the new Emacs, stay tuned)

Anyway, my company (the awesome Igalia) uses PHPReport to track work-hours of its employees. This is a requirement to account overtime and vacations of such a worldwide-spread community of people.

The lazy-ass I am often (read always) forget to fill my activity there. I guess can forget about travelling for the next 10 years.
PHPReport already integrates with Project Hamster but nothing existed for Mylyn until now.
So I took a day or two to make the process of tracking time fully automatized based on the Mylyn records of tasks activations.

Pictures being worth a thousand words, here is a short clip of its current state.

original file:

Following updates will hopefully remove the need to give credentials to the plugin by using the user's web browser cookies/session. Also the secrets will be saved encrypted in the Eclipse Secure storage.

You can easily install it by adding in Eclipse Update Manager.

Sources are available from .

Suggestions, bug report and coments are always welcome !

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